Sociology Related with Other Sciences

Posted by Prem Shresh , Saturday, March 6, 2010 7:33 PM

Sociology is the wider and broader in scope and it was related or interlinked with many others social sciences. Sociology is the science of the society and in society many kinds of things were happens to fulfilled the whole society and there is co-operation between sciences like as follows:-
  1. Political Science : Political science and sociology are very closely related. Political science deals with the political activities of man. It studies social groups organised under the sovereignty of the state. " Historically, sociology has its main root in politics and philosophy of history "- Morries Ginsberg. " Political is embedded in the social that if political science remains distinct from sociology, it will be because of the breadth of the field calls for the specialist, not because there are any well-defined boundaries marking it off from sociology"- Garner. Sociology is the science of state and government. Sociology is the young science and political science is older science.
  2. History Science : Sociology and history are very much interrelated. Like political science, sociology is becoming one of the most genuine fruits of history to which it is intimately connected. History is the reconstruction of man's past. It is the story of the experience of man kind and the record of the human past. History is the microscope of the past, the horoscope of the present and the telescope of the future. Sociology is the science of society, on the other hand is intrested in the present. It tries to analyse human interactions and interrelations with all their complexity and diversity. It also studies the historical development of societies. History with its record of various social events of the past offers data facts to sociologists. History is a storehouse of records, a treasury of knowledge. Historians also uses sociology. 'History is past sociology', and 'Sociology is present History'-G.E. Howard.
  3. Anthropology : The relation between sociology and anthropology is widely recognized today. Anthropology is " concerned not with particular man but with man in groups, with races and peoples and their happenings and doings". According to Hoebel, " Sociology and Social Anthropology are, in their broadest sense one and the same".Sociology has borrowed many concepts log, cultural patterns, cultural configuration, etc., from socio-cultural anthropology. Anthropology as a discipline is so closely related to sociology that the two are frequently indistinguishable. Sociologists in their studies
  4. Psychology : Sociology and psychology are contributory sciences. Psychology has been defined as the study of human behaviour. In the words of Thouless, " Psychology is the positive science of human experience and behaviour ". As Krech and Crutchfield define, " Social Psychology is the science of the behaviour of the individual in society ". Social psychology helps us a great deal in facing several social problems. Murphy " Social psychology is the study of the way in which the individual becomes members of and functions in a social groups ". Sociology analyses social processes but social psychology analysis mental processes of man.
  5. Economics : Sociology and economics as social sciences have close relations. According to Thomas, " Economics is, in fact, but one branch of the comprehensive science of sociology ". Dr. Alfred Marshall defines economics as " On the one side the study of wealth and on the other and more important side a part of the study of man ". Sociologists have contributed to the study of different aspects of economic organization. Sociology studies all kinds of social relationships but economics deals with only those social relationships which are economic.
  6. Engineer Science
  7. Web Science
  8. Medical Science
  9. Ayurveda's Science
  10. Forest Science
  11. Law Science
  12. Human Science

Above all the science are interrelated with sociology in different ways. Thus that sociology is the wider in concept too.

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denver jamesolanim Says:

The Father of Sociology what?

ZACK Says:

Why are these sciences useful to sociology?

yonell erik melecio Says:

Does Sociology include deviance? you know those social experiments. That's what I like - acting

Salegeta Tilaye Says:

Which one has broader scope? Sociology or Anthropology?

balraj kumar Says:

Short and sweet answer is nature of sociology

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